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THE MUGLAN, a culinary gem with over 13 years of excellence, showcases the true essence of Nepalese and Multi Cuisine by providing a qualitative authentic Thakali Thalis and Multi Cuisine along with modern bar, spacious ballrooms, seminar halls, rooftop bar, live music and so on.

The Muglan Pokhara

After 13 years of Trust and experience in Sydney, The Muglan has started to expand across Nepal from its hometown with a unique blend of taste and hygienic service. The flavors at Muglan are delicately balanced with various blends of natural herbs and spices, creating unique taste profiles for each dish.

Thakali Thali which is Muglan’s one of our core signature dishes is signified by its use of aromatic spices and local ingredients, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the Thakali community. Thakali Thali is not only a delicious and satisfying meal but also a cultural representation of the region’s gastronomy and the Muglan is proudly stepping forward to make it broader and louder across the nation.

The Muglan Bhaktapur

With a massive trust of over 13 years of experience from the communities around Sydney and Pokhara, Muglan has gained wider demands to expand its service outside the valley, Consequently with careful consideration and analysis, Muglan blends to contribute the heritage area with its aromatic spices and local ingredients of Thakali community.

Here at Muglan, we believe in providing a qualitative dish with a wider range of infusion services with authentic Thakali Thalis as well as Multi Cuisine and a modern bar. spacious Ballrooms, seminar halls, rooftop bar, live music, etc are added to its purpose.

The Muglan Australia

The food of Nepal is as diverse as the country itself. Here at the Muglan, we strive to serve true authentic Nepalese food that reflects the geographic and demographic diversities of this little-known tiny Himalayan nation. If you have been fortunate enough to travel to Nepal, you are probably familiar with Dal Bhat and Momos.

In Sydney, Our food is representative of traditional family fare served in homes across Nepal and at festivals. Our traditional home-style cooking, generous servings, immaculate presentation, and attentive staff. a warm Nepalese ambiance makes us special. The spices used are similar to that of Indian food though the method of cooking is different and Nepalese food has no cream or ghee.

Flavors are subtle with many different combinations of natural herbs and spices giving each dish its own distinctive taste. Nepalese cuisine is very mildly spiced and adding chili is a personal choice.